Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions:


Manger Equine Services pride themselves on high standards of safety and offer a best practice service. Please be aware that horse riding and carriage driving are risk sports and the handling horses can be dangerous and unpredictable. We take pride in ensuring our horses and ponies are well trained, reliable and suitable to the rider/driver ability. Manger Equine services will assess all riders / drivers before leaving the site and reserve the right to change horse/pony to a more suitable level or decide to remain on site.

Determining the level of experience and suitability of a rider/driver is done at the sole discretion of Manger Equine Services and we reserve the right to cancel if the participants are deemed unsuitable to proceed.


We will expect an advanced deposit payment of £25 for all bookings, in the event that the customer cancels, deposits will be non refundable.

No credit of transfers are given for later cancellation.

Manger Equine Services reserve the right to cancel or postpone an activity in the unfortunate event of EXTREME weather (Eg. Heavy snow, flooding, hurricane force winds, electrical storms)


It is the responsibility of the customer to advise at time of booking that the intended rider/driver has no prevailing medical conditions that may require a doctor's approval.

All vouchers are valid for 365 days after purchase, if not redeemed within this period, these will not be refundable.


We operate a very strict safety policy and require all visitors to conform to our policies and procedures.

Suitable clothing must be worn appropriate for the weather and activities.

Suitable approved riding hats must be worn and fastened at all times when handling a horse, riding a horse, carriage driving or a passenger on our carriage.

It is advised that you supply your own riding hat or ask in advance for availability of one of ours.

We recommend approved body protectors to be worn when riding/driving. It will be mandatory to wear a body protector when taking part in obstacle/marathon driving or jumping. It is advised that you supply your own body protector or ask in advance for availability of one of ours.

Suitable footwear should be worn when riding or carriage driving such as Jodhpur boots or long boots. Open toed footwear such as sandals, flip flops, Crocs etc are prohibited when around horses. Manger Equine reserve the right to refuse a ride should we deem footwear unsafe.

In consideration of animal welfare, we restrict a Rider’s weight limit to a maximum of 16 stone. Manger Equine services reserve the right to refuse a ride should this be exceeded on arrival.

All riders, carriage drivers or passengers on a carriage need to be agile enough to get on a horse or climb up into a carriage.

Please be aware that if you suffer allergies, horses will be present for our activities.


We welcome visitors to come along as long as you advise in advance in order to meet your requirements.

Children should be supervised by a legally responsible guardian at all times and restrained from entering unauthorised areas around the yard or behave in a manner to frighten the horses.

Whilst spectating, the instructor reserves the right to ask persons to move should they feel the rider/driver/horse is at risk.


Your booking information will be retained for a period of 24 months and thereafter disposed. No information will be shared with another 3rd party. Your information may be used to contact you in future for any Manger Equine Services activities or offers.

Please advise if you DO NOT wish to have you picture taken or used for sharing in social media or future publicity photography.

No video/photo to be published without Manger Equine Services consent.

We reserve the right to use information for prevailing Government Trace and Track COVID-19 regulations.


Manger Equine Services operates from a private yard and respect that all visitors treat accordingly. There is no entry into the house. Please be aware that as this is a working yard, there may be uneven surfaces underfoot.

We cannot be held responsible for any damage to your transportation while on our grounds.

We can’t be held responsible fo any damage, theft or loss of property or belongings whilst on our grounds.

All animals are unpredictable. Please do not feed or approach the horses and ponies at any time. Do not enter a stable/field with a horse/pony unless authorised.

Although we take all precautions to ensure rider/driver and horse safety, please be aware that Riding and driving are risk sports, your choice to take part is voluntary.


We will operate under prevailing Government regulations. Please contact us to confirm your booking.

Please ensure that all people come with you are part of your COVID ‘bubble’.

Please come equipped with face masks.

Hand sanitiser and wash stations set up on site.

Should you feel unwell, please do not visit, self isolate and we can organise for you to reschedule.

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Conditions of using our website

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