Carriage Sales, Repairs & Builds

We have a fully equipped workshop with a  long established knowledge of carriage repairs to modern sports vehicles. We are able to undertake routine servicing of your carriage including checking wheel bearings, hubs, suspension and checking for any metal fatigue. We can repair and make alterations to necessary issues that need attention such as strengthening pole arms, joints and shaft sockets, areas which endure extreme forces during their lifetime.


We are able to reapair your carriage and restore to its original state including insurance work.


We are able to make any necessary alterations and adaptations to suit your needs.


We can service your carriage including wheel hubs, suspension and general maintenance.

Using our fully equipped workshop and a deep understanding of carriage construction, we are able to fabricate and construct carriages to suit your individual requirements. Past projects have included making specialist vehicles for film work as well as modifying and adapting sport vehicles. If you have a particular need such as enhanced sports carriage, disability vehicles or specialist carriages for film work, we welcome your enquiry.


We can design and build a metal framework based around your specific needs


We can design and fabricate in metal and wood to a suitable design to suit your requirements


We can produce a suitable finished to your specific requirements including paintwork and upholstery

We welcome your enquiry, you can contact us via the email form or arrange a visit:

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